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Solid Aether

Bullet hell shmup with minimalist aesthetics. · By FAL Works


Recent updates

Update v1.0.7 Released
Performance has been greatly improved by tuning the entire program! Changes: Major improvement in performance Hide mouse cursor in fullscreen mode Other tiny fi...
4 files
Update v1.0.6 Released
Small improvements related to the window & fullscreen: Improved the internal process related to the fullscreen mode. Auto-set the default screen size (e.g...
4 files
Update v1.0.5 Released
Tiny bug fixes in Windows version: Disabled the [ LOW FPS ] message in the pause & loading screen. Particles were not displayed correctly when defeating the fin...
2 files
Solid Aether for Mac Released
Mac version released!! For now it's only available on, and it will also come up on Steam in a few days. "Solid Aether" is a bullet hell shoot'em up game...
2 files
Update v1.0.4 Released
I did some refinements as below: Some small performance improvements related to particles. Applied low-pass filter to some sound effects. Added screen size opti...
2 files
Update v1.0.3 Released
Hi, I did some minor improvements: Features Added a brief instruction to the loading screen of level 1. Now the frame rate will automatically be changed to 30 i...
2 files
Update v1.0.2 Released
Sorry, there was a regression in the last version (v1.0.1) ! The program used to crash when you lost all your lives in the normal mode. I just fixed this bug. S...
2 files
Update v1.0.1 Released
I am glad having a lot of feedback from you players since the launch a week ago. I really appreciate all the people who played this game! I just did some minor...
2 files

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