Update v1.0.1 Released

I am glad having a lot of feedback from you players since the launch a week ago. I really appreciate all the people who played this game!

I just did some minor fixes:


  • Added moving speed options to the "SETTINGS" screen. Now you can adjust the moving speed as you like, both the high speed and the low speed.
  • Disabled awarding extra lives in the endless mode.
  • Added result display to endless mode. The result will be shown when you lost all your lives.
  • Added stage name to the result display.
  • Enabled WASD & IJKL operation.

Bug fix

  • The [ LOW FPS ] message was not displayed correctly in some cases.


  • Refined the 5th bullet pattern of the level 3 boss as it was too much difficult.
  • Disabled the inertia of the player character so that you can move more precisely.


solid_aether.zip 60 MB
Oct 04, 2018
solid_aether_demo.zip 37 MB
Oct 05, 2018

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