Update v1.0.6 Released

Small improvements related to the window & fullscreen:

  • Improved the internal process related to the fullscreen mode.
  • Auto-set the default screen size (e.g. 1920x1080) depending on the aspect ratio of your display.
  • Auto-adjust the window size (especially if the display resolution is not enough).
  • Auto-adjust the window position if the window goes off the screen.
  • Enable to toggle fullscreen mode with ALT + Enter (on Windows) or Command + Control + F (on Mac OS).
  • Enable to toggle the window size (1x / 0.5x) with F4 key.
  • Enable to toggle the rendering scale (1x / 0.5x) with F5 key.


solid_aether.zip (v1.0.6) 61 MB
Feb 15, 2019
solid_aether_demo.zip (v1.0.6) 39 MB
Feb 15, 2019
solid_aether_mac.zip (v1.0.6) 62 MB
Feb 15, 2019
solid_aether_mac_demo.zip (v1.0.6) 40 MB
Feb 15, 2019

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